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Re: Financial Institution


Re: Financial Institution

Me too man. I had a buyer do a chargeback claiming that someone else made the purchase without there permission. The name on the account is Sarah <removed> which is fake af and there area code didn't match shipping address and the phone number given the voicemail went to a ivery <removed>. They claim with no proof of tracking there's nothing I can do. I didn't want to ship to a fraudulent buyer. PayPal is still reviewing the case. I'm negative in my account. The transaction was closed so I can't open a dispute case. I'm **bleep** 😠. Someone from the community please help me thanks

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Re: Financial Institution



If you sent item to the shipping address provided on the PayPal payment and have proof of delivery or proof of postage (minimum), PayPal will generally cover unauthorized payment credit card chargebacks/bank reversals or PayPal claims.


If there's no proof of delivery or postage, you're out of gas, I'm afraid. And these financial institution claims are more difficult than PayPal disputes as the financial institution makes the ruling.


Have to know how to protect yourself before accepting payment/shipping or using PayPal.


To find out more, click "Legal' at the bottom of the page, select your country, click the user agreement to access the buyer/purchase and seller protection program terms.


If this is for intangible/virtuual goods and services there's certain drawbacks to that too in the terms. 

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂