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Questionable Buyer


Questionable Buyer

I sold an item to a buy on eBay. Once I accepted his offer he requested that I add add a $500 gift card he would pay for.  I immediately suspected a scam and declined the "gift certificate", however, he sent the original money offered for the product to my PayPal account which has now been deposited into my bank account.  I am still suspecting a scam.  Question: Is this a scam? Once the money is deposited into my account and I send off the item to the buyer is there anyway he could retract the money from my account and still keep the product?


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Re: Questionable Buyer


That depends on many factors all listed in Paypals seller protection policy for you to read so you can risk assess your transactions.
Legal (bottom right of Paypals pages) > user agreement > seller protection.

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