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Question about payment on hold

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Question about payment on hold

Hey all. I've sold my first item and shipped it to the buyer. I've checked emails against messages/notifications on the eBay and PayPal apps to make sure everything matches up amd so far so good. Ive been in contact with the buyer and got his details etc, and as promised, have kept them informed st each stage of the process. I waited ror confirmation (again checking my ebay/PayPal accounts) that payment has been made BEFORE marking it despatched and the money is on hold (I get this as I'm seller) My question is...... can the buyer simply cancel the transaction and end up not paying anything AND having the item? Then surely I'd have lost the item, AND payed for shipping AND the final sale value percentage. Silly I know d probably worrying over nothing, but what protection do I have? Thanks in advance.

Re: Question about payment on hold

Hello @Innocent_devil,


Welcome to our Community Forums, that's a great question! Having your payment on hold is pretty normal when first selling on PayPal. As long as you see the transaction and the funds on hold in your account, you're clear to ship the item. To fully answer your question, I'd recommend checking out the following two links:


All About Payment Holds

Seller Protection


Hope that helps!


 - Jon K

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