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Possible fraud?

New Community Member

Possible fraud?

I'm selling my racer bike via the swedish site Blocket. A guy claiming to live in USA but having a "courier" to pick up the bike contacted me and said he has done a PayPal transaction. I got some mails in my spam inbox from a mail address claiming to be from PayPal, telling this:


"This eMail confirms that you have received an Instant payment of 9,000.00 SEK

from ********* via PayPal MERCHANDISE Payment Service."


The price we agreed to was 5000 SEK. Then I received this email from the same email address:

"Dear *********,


My name is R**** S****. I'm a PayPal representative in charge of your transaction with M*** A***  You have received 9,000.00 SEK but right now the money is on hold with us for some security reasons so kindly reply to this message for the completed of this transaction and I will be happy to help you. We thank you for being an asset to PayPal and we hope to serve you better in the near future. We do not appreciate any calls due to attending too many customers, We advise you to get back to us via this email to get full details of this transaction. Be informed that this transaction is only available and can only be tracked and traced via email, So do reply back to us if you have any questions about the transaction and not via phone call."


Is this a fraud? The whole thing smells fishy.