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Possible PayPal Scam!!! Please help! URGENT!


Possible PayPal Scam!!! Please help! URGENT!


I need help. I tried to contact customer support but no one is available. Someone sent me funds on PayPal, albeit a small amount, but the sender sent me a message and filed a refund request asking for an amount bigger than they sent. Please note that I don't know this person, I haven't worked with this person, nor have I given my PayPal email to this person. 

Here's the actual amount that she sent. 

NOTE: Currency I use is in AUD


Then this person filed for a refund for $50.00 USD


As you can see this is very alarming. Regardless of the amount, I'm actively using my PayPal account and I have funds coming into this account from legitimate clients. I don't want my account compromised and I don't want to have a negative balance (refunding something that obviously is not the correct amount). 

What is the best course of action I should take? Any advice/help will be appreciated. 

Many thanks, 
Nikki Louise