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Paypal scam


Paypal scam

Its so sad that paypal lets the buyer scam the system. I had someone purchase a giftcard on ebay. after the payment was cleared he asked for a picture of the numbers, which i sent over. He then filed an unauthorized payment and paypal refunded him after he used the money on the card. Paypal held my money for 3 days and just decided to send back the money when clearly it was a scam 


Re: Paypal scam

Hi @eliM1,


I'm very sorry to hear that you received a payment from an unauthorized source. In order to be covered by PayPal's Seller Protection in the event of an unauthorized payment, tracking information showing delivery is necessary. 


If asked to deliver somewhere other than the address in the transaction details, that would be an indication that the payment has additional risk associated with it, and you would want to proceed with extra caution and follow the guidelines to the letter so that PayPal would be able to protect you. In a situation where the item was delivered virtually, the guidelines would not have been met.


I'm sorry that you've had this experience.




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