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Paypal Fees for Refunds


PayPal refund policy change

So im out PayPal not only is now making sellers keep money in your account interest free! The new policy in refunds is if it's not in your PayPal account you cant do it. I could have thousands on my linked bank but it dosent matter. Also if I want my cash I need to pay 1 percent or wait up to 5 days to get my money. And finally they are keeping the initial 3 percent they take from your sale if you have to refund they keep that money. 1000 positive feedbacks on Ebay without a negative in a year if selling a few hours a week make overv 22k TOP rated plus seller. Not anymore. ITS TIME TO SHORT PAYPAL STOCK. Ebay told me many many sellers are complaining to them. PayPal you just jumped the shark.

Re: PayPal refund policy change

Yeah, we're all getting killed with this irrational unfair policy.  We are now examining multiple other options to move our merchant processing to another vendor, and expect to make the move from PP soon.  There are some who fairly provide refunds on transaction fees, so PP will eventually realized their idiotic policy move to provide more revenue to themselves is killing the small businesses (and medium) that got them there.


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I am currently tryint to refund a buyer but paypal will not give back the fee they take from me. what can i do

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Re: refunds



Paypal no longer refund the fee.

They keep the fee as payment for processing your buyers payment for you and then processing the refund for you.

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Re: refunds



Read the thread here.  Policy changed last fall.  PP robbing merchants by not refunding fees.