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PayPal promotes fraud


PayPal promotes fraud

If you are a digital artist, musician, or sell digital goods of any kind CLOSE YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT AND SWITCH TO SKRILL. 

I can't stress this enough. I've been using PayPal since 2015 to run my small business as a commission artist. In my 3 years of using the service, I've never had a chargeback, I've never been in a negative balance and have completed many successful sales and purchases and I have never had anyone file a dispute nor claim until recently.

I started using a crowdfunding website called Ko-Fi, which is PARTNERED with PayPal and I used this website so the fans of my work could tip me without having to make an actual purchase. Everything was working perfectly until I met someone who I will name H. 

H was a big fan of me and my art, he donated often and we held close communication since we met in late April 2018, until our unfortunate close in late June 2018. In the span of those months, this person tipped me well over a grand. All of those payments were made through the payment portal on Ko-Fi, it even showed up in his transaction details.

After he and I had a falling out, he disputed every single donation and did so through his card company, he even lied to PayPal support claiming he purchased an Item from me and never received it, he was fully aware of PayPal's utter garbage that is their Seller Protection and took full advantage of this. He used several different emails during the communication we had under this dispute in order to make himself harder to track. 

I provided compelling evidence to paypal and they still sided with the buyer under the guise that because he purchased a digital good, I had no protection due to lack of tracking information.

If you are selling digital goods and services DO NOT USE PAYPAL.  You are perfectly good scammer food and PayPal will outright promote it.

PayPal should not offer extended purchase protection for digital goods if they refuse to offer seller protection for the same thing. Buyers should not have the luxury to **bleep** us over. 

Do yourself a favor and switch to Skrill, they accept all forms of evidence, they understand the shortcomings of PayPal and their aim is to have a solid trust with sellers which are the face of the company. PayPal is a professional scam service, use with caution.