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PayPal is fertile land for scammer of buying, the seller should be carefully


PayPal is fertile land for scammer of buying, the seller should be carefully

This post is made for warning all PayPal Sellers. I were really disappointed and think that this is not the platform for sellers.


Our case as below: 

1/ Our transaction is happened as normally, and the buyer pay by their card which is linked with PayPal account (not from PayPal balance).

2/ The buyer open the dispute as "Unauthorized transaction"

3/ The final result: I win (absolutely it should be)

4/ Then, the buyer claim to his bank with same reason "Unauthorized transaction"

5/ I must wait for 2 MONTH and get the result: I LOSE 

=> The PayPal explain that maybe the buyer account was hacked, and this is the decision from Buyer bank. It is out of PayPal control.

=> Over all advertiser, PayPal said that their platform is great security and keep safe for all buyer and seller. But in this case, they take money of Seller to keep safe for only buyer with reason that this is the decision from bank.

***In other side of buyer, if the buyer account was hacked, their task is co-operate with bank/ police/ ... to find the hacker and take back money. They should take responsibility for their mistake.


As Final result, the seller must take all responsibility for whole of this process, all of risky is counted for seller even Seller have the right evidence or not. The PayPal staff talked that this is unexpected risky and seller must take responsibility.


=> So, our conclusion that the PayPal is not the good platform for seller. The seller will lose even they have good evidence or not.

=> If you want to selling something, should be careful and PayPal is not a good option.


*One more things, I lost 2 time (total 400$) not only one time even I have good evidence in both case.