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PayPal is doing NOTHING for chargeback scammers :(


PayPal is doing NOTHING for chargeback scammers :(


I was a victim of a chargeback scam, ie After the buyer has received his product he filed a chargeback and he took his money from my PayPal account (Free product).


I was confused so I start reading about this and I found that PayPal should protect me as a seller If I met their requirements, here's a link 


So I start a chat with customer support and surprisingly I found that PayPal support has became just a group of misleading persons since I didn't contact them for long time . I asked them about the Seller Protection and the answer is "Off course PayPal protests you as a seller "  . I said Hey the verb Protest is different than Protect. But unfortunately the support persons continue giving me misleading answers 😞


Provide any kind of proof you'll lose the case as said the support agent "in chargebacks, the decision of the bank overrules PayPal's decision, since the case was filed within the bank in the first place"


I hope PayPal take this seriously to protect sellers