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PayPal credit letter scam?


PayPal credit letter scam?

I've received a letter saying I have incurred a late payment fee of £12 on a balance of over £1000. I have never taken out PayPal credit? I tried via a promotional offer via Samsung but was inexplicably declined despite having a perfect credit score. Is this an attempt of fraud or has the fraud already taken place? I don't want to call the number as it looks fishy to me.

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Re: PayPal credit letter scam?

Hi there,


Welcome tot he PayPal Community.


I recommend giving PayPal Credit a call on 0800 368 7155 to check the authenticity of the mail you received. 


-David R

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Re: PayPal credit letter scam?

I have also received a letter from PayPal Credit stating a late payment fee of £12

A few days latter I received a follow up letter stating that £39.04 payment is due

I do not have a PayPal Credit account and my standard account looks completely normal.

The letter was addresses to my wife who is not even listed on my normal PayPal account.

The letter is from David Quinn - Collections manager

The number to call is very similar to the actual PayPal free phone number with the last digit being a 1 and not a 5

Calling this number just rings and rings then the ring tone changes slightly and is then answered by an Irish person who then asks for my PayPal logon name, I hung up.

Googling this issue shows the same thing happening in 2016.


Treating this as a SCAM

Many thanks



Re: PayPal credit letter scam?

Just to update as there's s new post, it was not a scam. Someone had taken out PayPal credit in my name. All sorted now and Paypal confirmed I don't owe them anything.