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PayPal Legal Dept???


PayPal Legal Dept???

Okay so have ignored "scammer" for past 12 hrs - last email threatens PayPal legal action. What I want to know is is the real McCoy...




LEGAL ACTION (Reference Number: PP-278-686-297) RESPONSE NEEDED


Dear Lance <removed>,


  We received a complaint about the transaction between you and Rachel <removed>. We have been notified about your intention to back out of the deal after the money has been sent into your account even though it pending for your agent pick up fees. We need to let you understand that we have rigorously cross-checked the money sent to you and it's confirmed and intact but pending as we need to verify and be sure that you have sent the pick-up fees to the buyer's agent before the money can be credited to your account. 


These funds can NOT be reversed nor cancel by the buyer so you must either ship the item or you would have to refund the total amount they have sent to you and email us the bank transfer receipt for confirmation then your account would be credited immediately


This new policy is to guaranty transaction safety for PayPal users and we will appreciate if you to abide by all PayPal rules as regards this payment. We will like you follow through with the process as soon as you see this email from PayPal and get back to us with the required payment receipt


 We give you 24 hours to complete this transaction or a LEGAL ACTION will be taken against you by charging you for fraud or fine up to AU $2,000.00 or both for a bridge of agreement unless you complete your part of this transaction.


The PayPal legal department has been notified and would prepare to take appropriate necessary actions if you do not comply. 


You can reply to this email if you have any questions or concerns.


Thank you for using PayPal