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PayPal Is NOT The Secure Way To Pay


PayPal Is NOT The Secure Way To Pay

For years I always heard Paypal is the fast and secure way to pay for items and if you do buy something that is fraudulent Paypal will be there to help you, NOT! Paypal is scamming people and I want the public to know about it. I made a purchase on ebay. The very next day the seller confirmed his account was hacked and the ad was fraudulent. Ebay confirmed what that seller said. I opened case a month ago with Paypal and they closed case immediately with no refund saying if the ad was fraudulent you have to contact ebay. I contacted ebay and they said I can open a case with ebay or paypal but not both or else I may be double paid. So ebay is saying paypal must handle it and paypal is saying ebay must handle it, all the while I have been out my money 1 month and paypal is doing nothing about it. I put paypal up there with the same crooks that took my money! Whats the point of using paypal when this is the first time I bought from a fraudulent ad and I find they do NOT reimburse people the way they advertise. I am going to report them to BBB for their actions. They don’t even respond to my messages. That’s how paypal does business, allow me to open a case, the next day close the case then disappear and never respond to me anymore. I am just letting the community know, paypal is a scam so you may want to think of using someone else. Anytime paypal has ever assisted me is when a seller agreed to reimburse me anyway, meaning paypal has NEVER done anything!


Re: PayPal Is NOT The Secure Way To Pay

Yup, it still blows my mind how they have 0 people in their call centers.