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Not as described


Not as described

I am located in the United States and I sold  5 new action hero figurines on eBay to a seller in Canada, 41 days after delivery the buyer sends me a return request on eBay saying the items May not be authentic. Since 41 days have passed, I denied the return request. 

Of course, he opens a case on PayPal for not as described, May not be authentic, and added for giggles some are damaged, then asked for 1/2 the amount paid for refund.

Yes, I am not kicking myself in the rear for hitting the denied return on eBay so quickly instead of requesting a full return. But it is sitting wrong with me because these are items bought years ago from toy stores, they are not fake. Why in the heck would I sell fake toys? I'm only selling them because my brother who passed away left thousands of toys and comic books to me and I am not into them and have no desire to store them forever.  Also,  the buyer has a large online toy story on eBay, it just makes me wonder if this is how he gets some of his stock?

Since I have been lucky to have never had an issue with a buyer on eBay, let alone a PayPal dispute, wondering how to proceed.

I assume I will have to suck it up and let the buyer win. But I am wondering how does Paypal determines that the items are in fact fake or not? I am not able to prove it since these toys were bought back in 1994-1995. Or as with eBay, it is always the buyer who wins. 

Since this was a sale from the USA to Canada who pays return shipping? I am really not interested in paying a huge amount in return shipping.