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Negative Balance

New Community Member

Negative Balance

I am a verified seller, and I sold a Product to this buyer at reasonable price with my terms and conditions that after buying the product there can be no refund once he has bought the product, and the buyer agreed to buy. When he bought the Product he wasn't satisfied completely, but whereas he inspected the product carefully and it was exactly same according to the details provided prior to deal but then instead he asked for refund. Then I told him that it is against our Policy because people misuse it to get their money back along with product. And this person is doing the same because when I asked for the defect he told us that it was fine. So he is misusing PayPal refund Policy of the Merchant to get the product for free. I am very miserable because according to the PayPal Seller Protection, they save us from people like them who use their Refund Policy to do Fraud. Could someone tell me what to do? Cause i have Emailed, given feedback,responded in every way and yet there is no solution. 


I need help to stop this scam because it's a large amount for me and I'll be in total loss if they refund him; and currently my Balance is in negative so I don't know maybe when I received the money it has gone to the buyer or not. In a way, the seller is being scammed and PayPal is not helping.


Please help me Out.

Thank You!