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Money taken from account with no reason

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Money taken from account with no reason

One month ago I sold item on ebay for $400. Had no problems with transaction. Last weekend paypal took $400 out of my account with no reason. Called paypal and was told the problem is between buyers financial institution and me. Absolutely no reason why. Said it will take 70 to 90 days before I know if I will get my money back then today they took addition $20 out for this transaction. I asked for phone number of his financial institution but said they cant! I called buyer and he said they did it to 12 people he bought from but not sure why. Meanwhile I'm totally out my money and my product. I immediately canceled all items I had for sale on ebay. PayPal should not just be able take my money with no reason. I feel like I have been robbed.
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Re: Money taken from account with no reason



A chargeback is not a paypal dispute, it is done directly by the buyer via their card issuer.

The card issuer makes all the decisions and all paypal can do is pass on information if you have any on your behalf.

If you lose then you 'may' be covered by seller protection but if not then you also pay the $20 card companies processing fee as well. 

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