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Money in PayPal but not bank

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Money in PayPal but not bank

I have sold a product on Ebay. The guy paid into my PayPal but if isn't in my bank and PayPal balance is 0 pounds. Can I send the product?
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Re: Money in PayPal but not bank



When a buyer pays the funds go into your paypal balance, then when you want to you click on transfer > withdraw and send the funds to any confirmed bank account that is linked to your paypal account.


As the funds are not showing at all then either he has not paid OR you have made a mistake with the email address on your auction so firstly can you do this................

Go to ebay and click on 'sell' put in anything (as you aren't going to actually list anything) until you get to the main page > scroll down near the bottom and where it says payment methods check the email address that is on that page, is there a spelling mistake or old one?

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