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Missed dispute response deadline- what can I do?

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Missed dispute response deadline- what can I do?

Hello friends,


I sold an item on ebay 3 months ago and recently the buyer disputed the charge with her bank unfortunately I did not realize this until after the 10 day deadline (i saw 7 days after the deadline) because I don't use paypal often and was given a good review by the buyer so I thought everything was fine. Now paypal is charging me for the item and a $20 fee. I have the confirmation that she bought the item and the tracking number of the package. the transaction was over 60 days ago so I can't find the listing on ebay's actual website anymore though. Has anyone else experienced this/ has been successful in disputing the chargeback after paypal's 10 day deadline? Has anybody been successful in taking legal action?


Any help would be appreciated. 

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Re: Missed dispute response deadline- what can I do?



A chargeback is not a paypal dispute, it is done directly by the buyer via their card company.

The card company and not paypal make any decisions and all paypal can do is pass information to the card company on your behalf.

If you lose then you have to refund + you have to pay the $20 processing fee of the card company.

Normally you are reimbursed under paypal seller protection BUT you lost that protection as you did not respond during the 10 days that they gave you to respond, sadly nothing you can do about that one.

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