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Item Frozen in Customs


Item Frozen in Customs

Hi.  I sold an item to a buyer in Belgium.  It made it as far as the customs warehouse in Chicago, before being frozen there, I guess because of the pandemic.  It has now been there (according to the tracking information) for over two months.  The Buyer is understandably frustrated and requested a refund from PayPal.  PayPal has just refunded the Buyer, so now I am out the item and the money.  I have tried contacting the Post Office (the item was sent by Priority Mail International), with no luck.  I suspect that, as soon as the quarantine shipping restrictions lift, the item will be sent to the Buyer, who will then have both the item and his money. 


Do I have any recourse through eBay to recover the value of the item?  I know that I can appeal the PayPal decision, but I don't see them changing their minds, as I already explained all of this to them in my response to the initial refund request.  Is there any other recourse with PayPal?  Thanks in advance