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I'm suing paypal for damages and poor seller protection! Taking them to small court


I'm suing paypal for damages and poor seller protection! Taking them to small court

I recently had a dispute opened against me (the seller); I lost that dispute unfairly and the buyer sent back my item damaged and vandalized on my collectable shoes! I opened an appeal and lost that too even though I provided all the necessary information and proof including a third-party, non-bias professional business( who they never bothered to contact to confirm like they said they would). I now have a chargeback of 525USD converted to 680CAD! When opening my appeal, I talked to PayPal agents, and I kid you not, they assured me that this appeal will be in my favour since the damages on my item were gruesome and very vulgar! I sent them images of the product before I shipped it to the buyer and I sent them images of what I got back. The appeal was closed but not in my favour because, and I quote, "We were unable to grant your appeal with the information you provided. The buyer stated they should not be charged for this payment." There was no further explanation of that. After numerous calls with Paypal agents, I have established that Paypal is a VERY shady business and they don't even look at your cases and they just merely skim them. I have sent large amounts of proof of the damages and also images of my buyer wearing my shoes( we closed the case over Instagram so I was able to see her posts). Despite all the proof that I sent over to PayPal, they refuse to provide proper seller protection or customer service. I now have a damaged product and I now have to pay for it? Absolutely not. 

I've sent numerous emails to their complaint service email and I keep getting automated messages--not a real person or agent. 

I will be filing a formal complaint, and sending over a demanding letter to PayPal. 

My purpose of posting this on the community forum is because I know PayPal fears being sued, every business does. So they better hear me out the next time I call them because I'm done playing games, and at the end of the day, I was **bleep** over by Paypal and my buyer and now I have a damaged product which was never in that condition and PayPal knows that!

All I want is for my account to be cleared, that way I can terminate my account and never use this platform again, I've been saying that.


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Re: I'm suing paypal for damages and poor seller protection! Taking them to small court

OG I understand exactly what you’re going through. I sold an item in April. perfect. minding my own business. Seller just use item and says it was stolen. I paid Steve for that and much much more. I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I’ve had bad luck with this be at PAYPAL in the past.