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I lost a dispute how do I appeal it ? HELP

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I just recived notice that a buyer won a dispute against me . Wich is unfair because I have all the proof that the buyer was aware that the device was in good working conditions when I mailed it to him . Then he sends me pictures of the device took apart all the way to the circuit board and said it was fried and said he wanted a refund he filed a claim and paypal then got ahold of me and I provided my response with pics and our conversations that proved that the device was working and I shipped it to him ...(now everywhere I know if you buy something and open it up to the circut board that voids warranty. It's only supposed to be opend by the manufacturer or a trained person) how do I know that he didn't open it up and do something to it to cause it to fry or anything tampering with it . So now my pay pal ballance is NEGTIVE 355 US Dollars when the buyer only give me 300 well today I try to contact PayPal and they automatically send me to a collection agency to collect the negative 355 dollars and said it went in the buyers favor .. I feel that is unfair and rong I sold a working device the buyer receives it tampers with it and wins the claim so now I'm out 355 US dollars and a 700 US dollars device that the buyer still has . How do I go about appealing this please help thanks.

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