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I have been scammed with a chargeback


I have been scammed with a chargeback

Hi I'm new here so hi!


I have had a charge back which i lost and I received a fee of £14 on!


This was for in game gold on a game and I provided proof it was delivered, I have been left positive feedback on eBay and also have a video delivering the gold.


A. I feel it is unfair I lost in the first place

B. Why the hell do I get charged a £14 fee!!!! The buyer being hacked has nothing to do with me (if it were even true..)

C. What the hell can i do going forward to stop this? I sell on eBay and always get the buyer to confirm the gold has been delivered, leave feedback and I record the transaction on my phone. 


I ask this as this other scammer currently has a charge back with me of over£300! I can't afford to lose that kind of money...

How can i make sure I don't lose and get charged yet another fee... he also bought over 4 transactions so 14*4.... 


Opened a chargeback by accident



As stated above, I opened a chargeback case by accident.

I contacted paypal and they closed it right away, the buyer is saying he will inform the police though? Will I be at risk? Nothing happened.