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Help with E-Bay and Buyer

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Help with E-Bay and Buyer

Hi, hope somebody can help.  


I have sold a computer LED monitor via E-Bay and charged £8.99 for postage.  I had to send by Friday 2nd November.  However on the 2nd, When I went to complete the courier booking, I found that most couriers do not cover for damage for this item, only loss.  I have explained this to the buyer on the 2nd (They are an I.T company) and only heard back from them today.  I have since found one service which will cover both for loss and damage but will cost twice as much. 


I have stated that I will cover the extra cost for standard loss service of £13.99 vs the £8.99 they paid if they accept responsibility should the worst happen, or that they can pay the extra for full coverage, or I will refund.


They now say 'just send it and if it gets damaged I'll make a claim with Paypal or E-Bay', which is dubious practice in the least in my opinion.


Any advice on this situation, as I have over 1500 very favourable feedback at 100% and don't want this buyer to cause problems, which sounds likely.


Thank you.


Re: Help with E-Bay and Buyer

what he is saying is that he will file item not as described(damage) and ebay will send him a return shipping label ,once used,it wil be charged to your ebay seller account.which does not address your request for more money.

it is up to you if you want to proceed,you can always cancel the order with reason -cannot reach agreement with buyer 


Re: Help with E-Bay and Buyer

BTW,insurance is meant to protect the seller,not the buyer from loss or damage,

so your buyer does not see why he has to pay you more,you should have upped the cost of item or shippin to include insurance

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Re: Help with E-Bay and Buyer



The buyer paid what you charged for shipping when they bought the item.

The 'risk' is all yours as they are correct in if it arrived broken they could file a claim.

You should have researched shipping costs and insurance before selling the item.

Suggest you pay the extra yourself OR take the risk.

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