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Facebook Marketplace


Facebook Marketplace

I had a $20 item on Facebook messenger. I had someone ask me to ship, which I thought odd... But maybe if they item is a little rare and represents a bargain (pixel phone oem cords for home and car). Then buyer offers to give $10 more to ship. Is this strange? The whole transaction is less than $50... Is there anyway this is a scan for something more ?

Re: Facebook Marketplace

Hi MarcroMike, 


Welcome to the PayPal community forum. New members are always welcome 🙂 


There are situations were a buyer may really want the item and is willing to pay a little more however if you are not sure then I would recommend reconsidering if you want to ship this item out.  I will always advise sellers "if in doubt then don't ship out". If you do wish to ship it out make sure that you receive your payment first and that it is completed and has been sent as a goods payment. You should also check that the transaction is "seller protection eligible". You will be able to see this on the details of the transaction once it has been received.  


I hope this helps,