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Dispute and fraud

New Community Member

Dispute and fraud

A recent dispute was decided against me despite providing tracking numbers and proof of delivery. The buyer literally admitted to receiving a one of two packages yet PayPal awarded them a full refund. How can businesses trust PayPal services if the are willing to facilitate fraud?

Re: Dispute and fraud

I had a similar situation where I sold a computer on ebay. The buyer waited two weeks before first contact. Ebay sided with me so he went through paypal since they have a 180 day or half year refund policy. Despite providing picture and video evidence they sided with the buyer. Upon receiving the item back, the buy had swapped parts within the computer and sent me a Frankenstein's monster back. I'm currently in the appeal process and will know in the next 9 days if paypal is allowing fraud to run rampant and basically telling sellers they are no longer safe.