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Dispute: To Refund or Not to Refund

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Dispute: To Refund or Not to Refund

Hi All, 

We have a customer who wants to be refunded her purchase because she says she did not receive the package. The item was tracked and we show a confirmed delivery. I asked her to speak with the post office and her delivery person first to investigate, which she was disinclined to do because "it's a waste of time." Obviously, for the PR it's better to just refund her but we are a small fair trade company and unlike Amazon, a policy of blindly refunding people is expensive. Curious to know what other policies/solutions are out there with your business.


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Re: Dispute: To Refund or Not to Refund



If every buyer won a dispute for non receipt even if tracking showed delivery then sending trackable would be a waste of time.

If item shows as delivered but buyer is saying not then you may well win the dispute BUT could offer to assist the buyer in filing a claim against their delivery agent.


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