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Depop refunds

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Depop refunds

Hey can someone help. I lady recently bought a pair of leggings from myself on depop. She wants a refund and had said they I have to cover to postage for the return? Surely this isn’t correct, I’ve stated I don’t do refunds but I’m doing it to be nice. If she’s unhappy surely she should pay the postage for return? Also do I wait until I have the item back to refund her? I’m worried I won’t see them again if I refund now?
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Re: Depop refunds



Tell her to send it back FIRST then you will refund minus your fee.

If she refuses then she would have to open a paypal dispute when IF AND ONLY IF SHE WINS they would tell her to return the item first trackable to prove delivery before you have to refund.

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