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Customers dileberately damaging received goods?

New Community Member

Customers dileberately damaging received goods?

Im going to be selling furniture on ebay and customers will pay via paypal.


As I understand with distance selling regs (UK) if a customer changes their mind they are entitled to a full refund although they will need to pay for the return shipping. This is absolutely fine, as the item returns to me at no extra cost and I can then resell.


However, the items are bulky/heavy and will probably cost in the region of £30-£40 to return. So now I have an unhappy customer not wanting to outlay this money. However he realises that if he damages the item I will then have to cover the costs of the return so he puts a big scratch/tear/stain on the item.

I then have to cover the costs of the return and I am left with an item unsellable, and now £250 out of pocket!


I've often read reports that paypal favour the consumer. So the customer opens a dispute and sends paypal pics of the item (that he damaged) and paypal accept this and freeze the funds. eventually they return them to him.


Anyone else have experience of this? I did think perhaps I should take sereval photos of the furniture with the customers name and purchase date on a bit of paper stuck to it just before it is shipped? Would that help win my case?