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Confusion about customer complaint and refund


Confusion about customer complaint and refund

We've had the first customer complaint in the resolution center, and we are quite confused of what has happened now.


13/03/2020 Customer buys 2 products.

05/08/2020 The customer complained that 1 of his 2 products were defect, but asks for FULL refund of both products.


We contacted the customer and were in the process of solving the issue. We needed a video of the product from the customer, and the customer took over 10 days to send it, then we sent it to the manufacturer and we awaiting a resolution.





Email from PayPal - We’ve completed our review of this case. Due to the unique circumstances, we've decided to refund the buyer at no cost to you. Any funds associated with this payment that may have been on hold are now available. Your account won't be debited and the case has been closed.


We have not written anything in PayPal, as we were handling the case directly with the customer.


So what's going on here? It sounds like the customer has been refunded, and at no cost to us and our account don't be debited? Makes no sense to me.


In the resolution center it says - Your case was decided in your favor.


In my activities I have:

24 Aug 2020    Update from     Áxxx Vxxx     Canceled     27,81 EUR

05 Aug 2020    Temporary Hold    Áxxx Vxxx    Removed    -27,81 EUR

13 Mar 2020    Payment from   Áxxx Vxxx    Completed    27,81 EUR


So it looks like payment is made, the temp. hold took the money out of the account, and the Update put the money back into the account.


To me it looks like we still have been paid, but I'm confused by the email saying Paypal have decided the refund the customer. So I need to be sure what's going on, cause the manufacturer has a replacement product ready, and the customer is not picking up the phone.


Can someone help here to explain what's going on?


Many thanks in advance!