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I'm planning to sell my knife(CSGO) to someone via PayPal. It's all virtual. I was wondering if he were to take his money back could I provide a screenshot to prove I gave it? Would that be enough proof?

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Re: Chargeback



Intangible items additional requirements

To be eligible for PayPal’s Seller Protection on an intangible item, you must:

  • Ensure you are utilising a current version of PayPal Express Checkout if you are accepting payments directly via a website or mobile optimised website; or
  • Ensure you are passing session information to PayPal at checkout if you are integrated with PayPal via a third party or if you have a native app integration.

Other integration requirements may apply depending on your business model.  Visit for more information.



Ineligible items and transactions

Your sale is not eligible for coverage under PayPal’s Seller Protection program if:

  • It involves digital goods.  Digital goods are delivered and used in an electronic format, like a song delivered online or through a mobile application.
  • The buyer claims (either with us or their card issuer) that the item you sent isn’t what was ordered (referred to as a “Significantly Not as Described” claim).
  • It involves an item that PayPal determines, in its sole discretion, is a counterfeit item.
  • It involves an item that you deliver in person, including in connection with a payment made in your store location.
  • It involves sales that are not processed either through a buyer’s PayPal account or a PayPal guest checkout transaction. For example, if the sale was made using the PayPal Payments Pro product, then it is not eligible for coverage. 
  • It involves items equivalent to cash including gift cards.
  • It involves a donation.
  • It relates to the purchase of a financial product or investment of any kind.
  • It involves a payment sent using PayPal’s friends and family functionality.
  • It involves a payment made using PayPal Payouts and Mass Pay.
  • The item is a vehicle, including, but not limited to a motor vehicle, motorcycle, recreational vehicle, aircraft or boat.


You would be selling at your own risk.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂