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Chargeback claim ruled in Buyer's favour

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Chargeback claim ruled in Buyer's favour

The story begins with that I sold an item on to an Ebayer based in Mexico (Ebay nickname ''prado.salva''), I posted the item and the item was successfully delivered to the Buyer. The Buyer left a positive feedback on Ebay. Everyone seemed to be happy.


However, the Buyer did not miss the chance to raise a claim on PayPal by choosing the reason ''item not received''. Well, I thought it was a joke, and of course did all the necessary job to provide any kind of proofs of delivery via PayPal, plus I mentioned the fact that the Ebayer left a positive rating on my Ebay page. I wrote 4 times to Paypal team to ask them to close such an obvious case and their response was '' we can see that your item was successfully delivered and we've passed your message to our claims department, they will close your case soon ''. Then I emailed them again and all of a sudden I acknowledge that my case had actually a chargeback issue, meaning that the Buyer asked his/her credit card issuer to cancel the transaction for the reason he/she has never received the item. ... Please read through the end!


Till the very end, I was pretty much sure the truth was going to be on my side, but guess what, to my big surprise, PayPal ruled in favour of the Buyer (case ID: PP-D-75091009). I obviously filed and Appeal and expect some common sense from PayPal claims team. I would have also expected some direct (phone / email) assistance from PayPal claims team as what I am facing here is a pure fraud technique.


In conclusion, I've come across with a scammer (fraudster) which is a very unpleasant and unfortunate situation as the Buyer managed to get his item for free only because PayPal ruled in his favour and thus refunded him in full and I was left without any EUR and now asking myself whether to quit PayPal after 10 years of selling & buying experience with them. That is very unfortunate.


I really hope to win my Appeal through PayPal or else '' see you in the Court''.