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Chargeback Question


Chargeback Question

I am selling a digital product(gold from a game). So, i have a costumer willing to buy always from me. Once in a week, or more often and he is sending me money on paypal using Goods & services option. 


We did it twice, and after i send the gold, he sent the money on my paypal, and selected the option ''i recieved the item'' and i also wanted him to put a note that he recieved the item while he is sending.


Each transaction is around 40$


So my question is; after i send him the product many times, maybe 10 times, or 20 times, and after weeks&months and also he send me money too many times,  can he still do a chargeback for all of our past transactions?


for example; we did 20 transactions between us, i sent the product 20 times and he selected the option he recieved and he sent money 20 times in 2 months. And after 2 months he did chargeback for all 20 trades. Can he still win the chargeback or its obvious scam and paypal would be on my side?


Its giving me a headache. Its like, okay hes sending the money for now, but what if he chargeback after months for all transactions.