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Buyer says unauthorized transaction


Buyer says unauthorized transaction

Hello everyone. I sold digital goods to a customer through a PC game. Customer paid me right after I gave him digital goods. He even screenshoted transaction information and he sent me that screenshot. Screenshot shows that <my email> will receive <that much dollars>. Screenshot doesn't show customer's name on that paypal's transaction but it shows date and time in the bottom right corner and his saved bookmark called <customer's full name>. 2 weeks later customer opened a dispute saying "unauthorized transaction". Customer won that dispute in 30 minutes after I responded with good arguments and Paypal didn't even say on what basis customer won. Can I do something here? Can Paypal verify his IP adress from which customer paid, because this surely isn't an "unauthorized transaction".

Re: Buyer says unauthorized transaction



Unfortunately I am sorry to say this but, with unauthorised transactions, the chances of winning are basically none. PayPal are very poor when it comes to assessing these transactions. I am 100% sure that they do not compile as much data as they should before agreeing that a transaction is unauthorised. All they look into is IP addresses which is really poor in the modern day where the majority of online users use VPN's.


I suggest in the future, for higher valued items, you send physical copies of the digital code to the customers address. Therefore, if a customer claims there order was unauthorised, you have proof of delivery which will allow you to win an unauthorised transaction case for a digital good. For example, for an PlayStation subscription, you may send the customer their code electronically to their email. Then also send a physical copy of the PlayStation card (you got the code from), to the customer too with tracked postage option.


Do you know whether the customer paid through their PayPal balance or bank balance?