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Buyer protection abuse , fraud , crook etc.


Buyer protection abuse , fraud , crook etc.

Hello dear coleagues,


I'm writing this topic as I really don't know what else to do.


My case in summary is this :


On 16 june the buyer <removed>  has bid on 1000 sgd : <removed> 175835792  On 24 june the buyer has also bid on 100 sgd : <removed> 5  As you can see, I have waited for him 8 days without pushing him to make the first payment, as most sellers do, they have a request for the payment to be done in 48 h , but I have waited for him as I am an honorable seller that do not push the buyers to pay.


On 25 june the buyer makes the payment via paypal #6HR73316WP920383N (for shipping via EMS with regular post - 30$). On 28 june I send him the package via UPS fast private carrier , tracking nr. 1ZR4Y3770495681653 - cost > 40$ , as the regular post do not offer anymore EMS outside EUROPEAN UNION from my post office. On 02 july (very fast) , the package is delivered at the adress provided by the buyer : <removed>


On 29 july the buyer opens a case : Case ID: PP-007-162-949-846 on paypal , abusing the buyer protection from paypal , he wanted to cheat remaining with the products and also with the money back , saying he did not receive the package but in the end I manage to prove with the help of UPS that the package has been delivered and paypal ends that case.


On 02 september the buyer opens another case Case #PP-007-255-987-571 also abusing the buyer protection from paypal , saying the items are not as described. The buyers says : "Type of Claim: The claim states the item received was significantly not as described. The buyer presented the following reason(s) for the claim: The buyer did not specify why the item was significantly not as described. The buyer has provided additional information about why this claim is being filed: The merchandise received was not as describe. I received the wrong item. This purchase has been very upsetting. I want to return the wrong items I received in order to get refund." 


Although I have attached a lot of documents and explainings to the paypal resolution center warning paypal that his next move was to send an empty package , provide them with a tracking nr. and request the refund and also remain with the order , and the case was under review and in the meantime , of course that the buyer has sent an empty package - exactly with what I have used for packing but without the main products inside.



And now, on 04 october I receive another case open PP- D-13411703  (missing refund or credit) , on this case I cannot open it , is says "

Let's try that again

Looks like something went wrong on our end."  


I wonder how many cases can this frauder open???



What do I do now?   I have a hold on quite a large amount of money and also an empty package sent by the buyer after three months after he received the initial order.



Please help!



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Re: Buyer protection abuse , fraud , crook etc.

I have a buyer who did a similar thing to me and PP sided with him. He bought an item back in March on eBay, left me positive feedback and then 102 days later opened a case and wanted his $ back. I have a 30 day return policy on my store. I cannot even believe Paypal can supercede a store policy. I provided proof that he left me positive feedback, he changed his userid at eBay and opened a case. I called ebay and issued a complaint against him and I am going to fight this every chance I get. What right does PP have to allow any buyer to return anything at any time ? I have been waiting weeks for him to return the item and he hasn't. I am expecting an empty box.  Paypal won't care. Where is the seller protection ? There isn't any. PP sides with scammers. Nice to know I can buy something, then open a case in 5-6 months and get my money back. How is this not illegal ? 


Re: Buyer protection abuse , fraud , crook etc.

Hello dear friend,


sorry to hear about your case.


Indeed the paypal and e-bay take action separately,  for the paypal transaction the buyer has 180 days for filing a claim, that doesn't take any consideration of your e-bay policies so you'll receive so no matter your strugle , you'll receive an answer from paypal that the buyer acted within the 180 days to file a claim.


I have already passed over my incident with paypal and the buyer who frauded me of 1000$  because no one is willing to make justice : not even the police! I wasted more time than money overall with absolutely no results.


In the meantime I had another case with e-bay this time, a package for Columbia - Bogota , buyer opens case , I show that shippment is in transit, was in Mexico , e-bay of course that refunds the buyer, in the meantime the package arrived and when I make proof of delivery to e-bay, their answer  was hilarious : the time for the appeal has expired, they can do nothing , adviced me to contact the buyer, of course that the buyer did not respond anymore. 


So my advice for you and for all good serious sellers is to update your terms and conditions of your sales with increased requirements for buyers such as "no returns accepted" , a minimum rating history and also choose for shipping only vrey trusted countries, avoid all others.


And another advice, when you'll receive the package for return , record the opening process to have proof.


Thank you!


All the best!