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Buyer hasn't received query??

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Buyer hasn't received query??

Hi all, I sold some shoes on the 21st march and the item was posted the same day. The buyer messaged me on the 4th April saying they haven't received them. I just wanted to query this, as the money was pending in my PayPal until Sunday 24th when they were released, so I transferred the money to my bank account. Doesn't it mean they have confirmed they have received the item when the money is no longer pending?? Unfortunately there was no tracking information as it sent them 2nd class and I can't find my reciept (stupid idiot!) I'm a bit worried they would be trying to scam me for a refund even though they have the shoes, and can argue there's no tracking as it was 2nd class. Why would the funds be released if they haven't received the shoes? As in previous sale transactions all my money was not released until they confirmed receiving the item? Any suggestions please? I sold the shoes as I needed money desperately and if I have to give the refund it will put me in the same position financially.
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Re: Buyer hasn't received query??



If you can't supply trackable proof of delivery then how do you know the buyer has received the shoes?

Tracking is for your protection and not the buyers because if they open a dispute and you can't provide tracking then you will have to refund.

Pending funds being be released is not always proof of delivery because if you don't add tracking then there is no way the system can know the item was delivered to the buyer.

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