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Buyer demands refund although past Ebay's return window

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Buyer demands refund although past Ebay's return window

I have a buyer who bought a pair of shoes from myself in September 2020. They were a UK size 5 and I can confidently say the shoes sent were checked before sending, like I habitually do with all of my shoes. I sent it within 1 working day and they left positive feedback as they were super happy with it. She said her daughter was a collector of the brand of shoes and she had many pairs of them and said it was a gift to their daughter. So this was in September 2020 and now it's January 2021 - the buyer claims I sent them an odd pair of shoes and even sent a photo showing this. Indeed, one was a UK 5 and one was a UK 6.


I was so shocked and confused because I know for a fact I sent the right pair as they were my own shoes in my own size (UK5). I said they were outside Ebay's return window but they responded saying they can use PayPal's refund policy of 180 days. They said they will be happy with a 50% partial refund or they can send the shoes back and they know PayPal will give them all their money back. I think this 180 day policy for goods where the delivery can be confirmed is way too long. Basically, I have no choice but to give in to the buyer's threat of a 50% partial refund because there is nothing I can do with an odd pair of shoes - one of which is clearly not mine.


Moreover, I do not understand how it benefits the buyer to have a partial refund if they cannot wear an odd pair of shoes which makes me doubt their claim. Times are hard for a lot of people due to the pandemic and I am suspicious they have spent above their means so replaced one of the shoes with one of their own to make it look like they were not as described in order to get cash back.


Either way, it is incredibly unfair to private sellers who have 180 days to sit nervously before a transaction is truly complete considering a buyer can say they are happy with their purchase in one breath and then the next they are threatening a return after more than 90 days. I can understand when it is for vacations and events where it's not tangible items. I look forward to Ebay offering other payment methods because I know this will not be the last time this happens.