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Buyer Returned Completely different Item than what was SOLD

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Buyer Returned Completely different Item than what was SOLD

I sold Brand New Gucci Bag for $700, sent invoice, and state on invoice “ NO RETURN FINAL SALE “

Buyer received the item, she message me to refund her for $150 I refused. 
Then I received message from PayPal that buyer filed a claim for $350. 
Her reason item not as describe, I know it’s all lie. As the item never been used and just bought it in store. 

Refused to grant her claim but PayPal decided that she return the item and she get full refund of $700, and I am fine with it as long as I get my item back, back as it is. But buyer sent me a completely totally different item! It’s an old bag which I don’t even know the brand, also it doesn’t look $700 not even $10. 
Messaged PayPal, and they sided with buyer, they refund her $700, now I keep messaging to PayPal. And trying to resolve this, and this is the 3rd time I’m trying my best to get this resolve, I have prove and everything, I sent them everything. I thought PayPal is safe in selling items with. Now they re-open the and I am waiting again on their decision. 

- I already reported to the police, and to FTC. AND THEY TOLD ME TO WAIT PAYPALS DECISION ON THE 3rd time. 

would like to hear people similar experience with me. And to PayPal please resolve this. Don’t want to go far in this, which is going after the buyer, to the court,. Which will eventually going to happen if I don’t get my item or money back! Sometimes it’s the matter of principles. I refuse to be the victim of scammers and frauds!