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Awaiting buyer response to a disputed claim


Awaiting buyer response to a disputed claim

Hi all,

A buyer opened a claim against me claiming the item was not working, he is asking for a 100 dollar partial refund which I am not agreeing to because I think he is just trying to get money off the item he bought. He is USA based and I am UK based . He sent a video of the electric item plugged directly into the USA power supply which would not work as it would need a step transformer. He claimed he had tried one but would not send any video proof

I contacted Paypal and they said send an email detailing everything to him about why you don't want to partial refund him and wait for a reply as they suspect that he is chancing his luck. What I forgot to ask is how long does he have to respond?

Paypal says I could ask him to return it and if he does not do that within 10 days the case will be closed, shipping will probably cost him about 100 dollars so I don't think he will return it.

He said he would use it for parts if I gave him a partial refund.

If he does not respond to my first email will paypal eventually close the case?