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Avoid Online Scams


Avoid Online Scams

Ok, so after a lot of research, this is what I learned.

1. If ordering from a website, DO NOT assume it is legitimate because financial transactions are made thru Paypal, they are enablers

2. NEVER, NEVER order from a website that isn't at least 2 years old

3. Always get a receipt for the product you ordered

4. This is how the scam works:

     a) You make a killer deal purchase online

     b) The seller has you purchase through their partner, Paypal

     c) That is the last you will communicate with the crooks online

     d) The pending payment will be transmitted by Paypal AFTER the crooks send shipping info to Paypal

     e) The crooks will include a valid UPS tracking number...just happens to not really be yours (not sure how the crooks harvest them)

     f) Paypal will receive notification that UPS delivered the product, therefore, a valid transaction. But you are not the valid tracking number

     g) Paypal now sees this as a valid delivery, and closes your dispute (maybe gets a kickback?, dunno)

     h) You are out the money, the crooks are happy, Paypal is happy because they get the percentage of your stolen money

How do you remedy this? Contact UPS, ask for seller/delivery verification on the tracking number given to Paypal. The document will show the true seller/buyer for the delivered product based on the tracking number. If Paypal has integrity, it will accept the documents and get your money back.  And remember, Paypal does not allow you to identify the crooks by registered name, which are usually fraudulent accounts,  they make it very difficult for the customer, and pretty much advocates for the seller...even the crooks