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Hello,  I’m an artist/photographer based in England.....


I sold a piece of work to somebody in California for a very discounted $1000..via a contact on my website from Lisa....later when we discussed shipping and I needed an address her name changed to Susana <removed>.......during the sale I emailed several times, described the paper I use and gave perfect sizes.  After. Is signed and embossed it I photographed it and sent it to her...I have all these emails. I have had no contact from her since the picture was delivered by UPS on 5th September 2018.


Seven months later PayPal have withdrawn $1000 from my account to give it back to her bank ..because she is saying “goods not as described “ a loophole in PayPal I am not eligible for Seller Protection....and I discover, PayPal always favour the buyer not the seller.  She has raised this chargeback via her bank.


I have had NO details of in which way the work was Not as Described, nor have I had any indication the work will be returned


HOW can you have an art work for seven months before deciding it is Not as Described


After a lot of on line research I have discovered a pattern and this crook has done this before to an artist in Greece and a gallery in Houston. Here is my theory


This person designs interiors for people in the expensive communities of Marin County on San Francisco Bay.   With her clients she chooses from Pinterest and 1st.Dibs, any image from anywhere in the world, buys it as an original, makes a high quality scanned copy which she frames and installs in her clients house...and includes its cost in her bill....she then finds scams and loopholes and gets her money back by returning the goods as damaged or in some way defective.......effectively being paid twice.


I’m certain there are more stories 


Here is the image of the artwork which I emailed to her after I signed, titled and embossed it with my studio stamp, how can this be not as described??