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Anyway to prevent fraud?


Anyway to prevent fraud?

Recently I sold someone a virtual item for a game because I was quitting. I listed the item, and they bought it. I recieved my money instantly and traded them my item to their inventory. 


A few days later, I logged into my PayPal account to check my balance and realized I only had 50$+ inside my balance and the rest was on hold. It said there was an open dispute on the payment the person had sent me, even though the deal was smooth and he/she recieved what they bought. It said that they filed a case with their financial institution. I am really devasted because I didn't scam them and I gave them their virtual item they wanted. I lost all my money because they are committing fraud. Half of my friends I asked said that I have very little chances of winning the case because of the fact they said it was unauthorized when the buyer also used a VPN to buy the virtual item when they sent the payment which I didn't know of, until it showed in the chargeback center for the reselling site.


Does anyone know a way I can win this case? I already tried to contact PayPal support by calling them but I didn't get any pickup from anyone because of the corona virus. I can provide proof of the transaction purchase but I'm not sure if I'm allowed, I will do if I get permission or so.



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Re: Anyway to prevent fraud?

nope. And paypal will tell you nope. had it happen 3 times.

Even had a physical item returned because he couldn't resell the item (i had found ebay advert of my item he was trying to resell) and paypal still refunded because in the 6 months. My ebay policy and even business policy followed Australian Law of 30 day warranty\returns for issues with item etc. Dude just said he didn't want it and they gave his money back. 5 month 6 days later. Talking to paypal support is a big waste of hours.. makes you angry talking to them about it because you know your in the right.