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Am I being scammed.

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Am I being scammed.

I'm an 82 year old guy that's not familiar with much of this tech stuff. Hope somebody out there can give me advise on how to proceed. I have a motorcycle for sale for $14900.00. I received a text from an unknown individual. He says he's in the military and deployed. He wants the bike. He will send a shipper to pick it up once the "payment part of the transaction is done." I asked how that would be handled. His response "I am comfortable paying via PayPal to complete this transaction because of their security when it comes to online transactions. Let me have your email address so I can make the payment ASAP." So all of you folks out there that are smarter than me, what do you think? I've never sold anything like this before.


Re: Am I being scammed.

Can you provide more information? I would be weary myself about a large transaction like this without the person being at the very least stateside. Sending a shipper? As in someone to drive it to his location of choice? Can you provide anything without revealing personal information of yourself or your buyer? Also you can lookup a person's information through free search methods such as telephone numbers. If it were me, I would take the telephone number that text you, look it up with zlookup or spydialer and see who the telephone is registered to, if it says virtual number or the number hasn't been owned long enough to pull up an owner, 90% chance its a scam. I'm huge into anti-fraud(personally I hate seeing people get scammed) so this is particularly interesting to me to assist you.