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All sellers are the victim of wire fraud by Paypal

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All sellers are the victim of wire fraud by Paypal

I am sure every seller has had to deal with fraud, but do you realize that every seller is a victim of fraud committed by Paypal?  Recently I had a chargeback from a buyer claiming they never authorized the purchase.  I manufacture and sell latches for RV windows as replacements for a popular window brand who went out of business.  It is a small market and I am the only person, probably in the world who is making these.  I On January 30 I got notice of a chargeback dispute from a purchase made on October 9th for a small size latch.  I check my records and found that on January 23, the same buyer had ordered a large size latch.  Since the sizes relate to either single or dual pane windows, and all windows on any RV are either all single pane or all dual pane, obviously the buyer initially ordered the wrong size, reordered the correct size in January, and then filed a fraudulent dispute for their initial error.  Normally one can't do much, but Google map images show the buyer owns a RV, and since the buyer lives local, I sent a copy of all the records to the buyer and threatened to sue.  In response the buyer admitted they filed a false claim and gave me a BS excuse saying their father with dementia filed the claim, but the buyer never bothered to contact their credit card company to cancel the dispute.  With the notification of the dispute, PAypal said I should send them any applicable information showing the dispute was false and they would forward said info to the credit cad company.  Of course I sent PAypal a copy of the buyer's email stating that the dispute was fraudulent.  Paypal never forwarded this information to the credit card company.  Paypal never had any intention of forwarding any information to the credit card company.  I have seen that Paypal's business model is not to defend sellers as they falsely state on their website, but to simply reimburse a seller if the seller qualifies under seller protection.  While you may think this is great, realize that it was all of you sellers who got defrauded in this case.  Yes I got my money back, but the person who reimbursed me was YOU.  YOU reimbursed me by paying higher fees to cover the cost of fraudulent claims.  All Sellers pay a higher cost by having to pay for delivery confirmation in order to qualify for seller's protection.  If Paypal was honest and simply stated that they would make no effort to fight fraud, that would be fine.  As sellers we could then choose to either use or not use Paypal.  But what Paypal does is they commit fraud by lying to all sellers by posting on the internet saying they will forward evidence we supply them to the necessary financial institution to fight fraud.  ALL SELLERS who have been the victim of a fraudulent chargeback and who have supplied proof that Paypal has withheld from the financial institution are also a victim of fraud committed by Paypal.  I am not simply going to complain about this, I am going to try to do something.  I will be sending out inquiries to class action law firms to see if there is interest in a class action lawsuit against Paypal.  I would think 2% of Paypal's annual revenue should be returned to any seller who has filed documents disputing a chargeback and which PAypal refused to forward said information to the financial institution would be fair.  Of course a lawsuit would need more than just me, so if anyone has also been defrauded by PAypal, where PAypal refused to make any effort to defend a seller from a clearly fraudulent claim, how about speaking up.  I know that many, if not most disputes, will end up a "he said" "she said" case, but if you have concrete evidence like me, where a buyer admitted fraud and Paypal did nothing, I would like to hear from you.

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Re: All sellers are the victim of wire fraud by Paypal



Try editing and add a few paragraphs, can't wade through that block of text. 

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