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$6,250.00+ Dollars lost buying one item on E-Bay / DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH E*BAY PERIOD !


$6,250.00+ Dollars lost buying one item on E-Bay / DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH E*BAY PERIOD !

      Instead of warning other of the VICIOUS  E*Bay trap THAT NOW, I have fell victim to. I ask only how I could possible ever have a chance of getting my hard earned money back ? After all this time, what do I get **bleep**?  They received the total amount of money requested as posted on the item. It is sold to me the E*Bay sucker. They still have the Motorcycle & now my $6,250.00 cash money too. How many people fall prey to E*Bays non-vetted scheme every day & every night? All awhile their corp. executives sit in their fine leather chairs, located in either their luxury yachts, moored in their private access gated communities, counting their/my money. What a scam!

         Being a long term standing member with good rating. I should have know better than to have strayed away from Amazon where this type of trickery has never happen to me. Now I've been burned for thousands on a typical felony E*Bay style rip off, with no possible way out. Just false Promise's of phantom efforts to recover my funds. Stolen from my MasterCard, via the fine folks at PayPal that seem to be the ONLY people that might remotely give a hoot. As the credit card bank behaves just as they always do, coddling the seller, never the card holder. MY ADVISE :

" SIMPLY JUST DON'T DO BUSSINESS WITH E*BAY ANYMORE, EVER, EVER." after this mess has run its course. 



shill_shark (712)
They won't get a second chance at me. I'm going to close my account and do ALL my business with Amazon & Esty, and other from this day forward. My money will spend just as well with HONEST folks as it will with thieves in bed with thieves here, allowing such felonious financial embezzlement on their DARK  web-sight.
Item price: $6,250.00
Order number: 14-06805-88727
Item ID: 263184630050
Seller: truckerron24