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4 Charge Disputes From The Bank, but Noone Has Filed Them.


4 Charge Disputes From The Bank, but Noone Has Filed Them.

Hello everyone,


This morning I woke up to 4 emails from PayPal claiming that "a dispute was filed by you for the purchase below". These purchases were made 2 months ago, with my father's card as a gift.


I did not file a dispute, nor did he. The card was not verified, and I believe that had something to do with it. (I verified it this morning, and submitted ID for verification because my account became limited).


When my father checked his statement however, the charges were not there. They had effectively disappeared, even though I could view the purchases on the websites I had ordered them from, and they went through.


Paypal says that they "cannot do anything", "and to contact your financial institution". We are in the process of this right now, but we are worried that they will not be able to help because the charges are gone from his statement.


If anyone has experienced a similar situation or solved the same problem, please try and help me figure out why this is happening. It's very odd, these charges are months old, and neither me or my father filed a dispute for these, despite PayPal claiming the contrary.


Thank you!