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selling on ebay offsite scam email from <removed>

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so i was selling something on eBay, a random person asked me to go to discord so i did, he said he paid for it with pay pal so i was confused why he didn't just pay through eBay and was sceptical when he said he asked for my email and a random email came through with the name "Francis <removed>" and the pay pal email after  on the pay pal email even though the email says this message is from a trusted sender i am still unsure because the payment has not shown up in my phone pay-pal or pc or anywhere in invoices, and i do not want to click the link or the email i was sent which redirects me to pay pal but i think its fake and that he is trying to scam me, can someone help me because i cant believe him as every other email from pay pal hasn't had a random name there.

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