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merchant account blocked for no reason

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So , like 3 weeks ago , this amazingly incompetent payment provider whose forums i am writing on, has decided.... out of nowhere to permanently close my merchant account. Only things i can think of is that i have touched a 10k level on the account in total capital and my activity is related to crypto. Every transaction that was made on that account was clean on my end, made reimbursements when i was asked, etc and as usual i can t say for the customers the merchant can not control that.

Since then i had to lose enormous amounts of time in order to try to pass some of my subscribers to other platforms that don't treat merchants like **bleep**, i lost a lot of subscribers(because the service is subscription based), frankly it was a blow we didn t need now. If i knew they are this way i would have never started to work with them. The funds that i had available were used to pay employees and other bills are blocked for up to 180 days. 

Lost 2 employees, late on paying other freelances etc... and i am almost back to square one after all the work we have put in .
I just wish that the person who decided to take this action has the same miserable start of the year as i have, that would balance things out.

Contacted support multiple times email, phone... incompetents.  Anyway, just needed to spill this here as no one on the support side is listening or caring.

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