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Sorry for long text and bad english! 🙂 Hey i have a question im selling a pair of pants and a guy wants to buy it we live in the same city and he wants the pants thru shipping and is paying thru paypal i have never done these 2 things before so he is gonna pay for the pants 270$ and on top of that he has to pay shipping which is around 170$ But he says he sent the money to my paypal but i cant cash out until i pay his shipping (he sent me the money for it) and they want it with bitcoin and i sent them the money and it took like 5-10 minutes he mails me and saying the shipping wants around 470$ More for them to ship it and he sent it so the first payment and the 470$ payment became 1 so total he sent me 920$ and i have to pay 470$ for the money to cash out but the guy seems little fishy cuz on my ad i have typed im meeting in the same city he told me his adress and its 20 minutes from me and does a international shipping when he could use postnord a shipping company thats ships only in sweden which would be 20$ max so im wondering is he trying to scam? If i can get someones ig or something i can send the mails and stuff cuz now im minus 170$ and i need every penny this month 😕 and i have never gotten a payment through paypal so no idea how it works

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