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false Tracking number given

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Hello, all,

I need some advice in April I sold a Flue for a Combination boiler item number ....162995608494, the buyer paid me with paypal I posted the item on the 26th April and sent the buyer this tracking number FWQG8436074GB...the package was collected by the buyer from their local Post Office on the 30th April,on the 2nd May the buyer contacted ebay that he wanted to return the item,as not as described,...on the 4th May he sent me a message saying he had posted the item back to me,..a few days later I looked at my paypal account and found that it had been frozen,i then clicked on track your item, and found that the buyer had used the Tracking number that I had sent him on the 26th of April, and since then he has left me negative feedback and it looks like Paypal have refunded him his money and are now chasing me for the balance, which I will not be paying,...what do I do, is this a Polive matter


false Tracking number given


the buyer contacted ebay that he wanted to return the item,as not as described . Well most likely your buyer open up a dispute on ebay you need to contact ebay dispute team for this issue and explain them your side of story before you lost this case  


call them for free on their UK freephonecontact number <removed>

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