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appealing decision on unclaimed shipment

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I'm curious to know if appeals are worth the time and effort? 

I sold an item to someone living in France.  Once the item arrived in customs, the customer asked me to provide a false invoice for $100 rather than for the $625 USD she paid.  I refused and explained that the item's value was clearly marked on the parcel.  Over a period of two weeks she asked for the invoice twice more reporting that there was a problem with the invoice details and needed more information.  Each time I provided my paypal invoice originally sent to her within hours.  In the end the tracking on her end says that shipment was refused and it is being sent back to me.  On my end here in Canada, my tracking says that shipment was unclaimed.  Customer opened a dispute claiming she hasn't received the item and that the reason it didn't arrived was because there was something wrong with the shipping label which I purchased through Paypal/Canada Post.  I don't have the item back yet to see what really happened but I expect to have to pay the return ship charge which will be approx. $60 USD if it is the same as what it cost to send originally.  I am happy to refund the customer less my costs but according to the representative I spoke to in person yesterday, the customer will receive a full refund including costs for shipping.  This means I am potentially out of pocket for approx $120 USD

I spent several hours completing my response to the claim including showing snapshots of the tracking reports and the request for fraudulent invoice.I don't want to spend even more time on this if paypal seriously will not review this claim.    

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